Intelligent System

Artificial Brain
Computer Vision
Fuzzy Systems
Neural Networks
Intelligent Traffic Systems

Researchers: Bagheri Shouraki S, Gholampour I, Mohammadzadeh H



Computer Architecture

Reconfigurable and Self-Optimizing Hardware
Power- and Reliability-Aware Parallel Architectures
Architectures for Emerging Technologies
Chip-Level Interconnection Networks
Secure Computing Platforms

Researchers: Sanaei E




Wireless Networks
Algorithms and Protocols for Computing Communication
High-Speed Networks
Sensor Networks

Researchers: Pakravan M



VLSI Circuit and Systems

VLSI Implementation of Biomedical Signal Processing Algorithms
VLSI Architecture/Algorithm Design for Broadband Communication Systems
VLSI for next generation wireless standards such as WiMAX/LTE
VLSI Array Processors

Researchers: Shabany M, HajSadeghi K


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